York Lifestyle Hoody - lightgrey (FS18)

For casual days!

The BIDI BADU York Lifestyle hoody for boys is not only comfortable but also really stylish. The colourful BIDI BADU writing on the front is underlaid with pictures and provides an original design you will not have seen so far. The grey sweater provides everything you expect from a comfortable hoody. Even the hood has a BIDI BADU logo and the Kangaroo pocket accentuates the sporty look. The cotton material also protects you from the cold.

  • 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton
  • Letters depicted in Bidi Badu lifestyle feeling with appealing images
  • Hoddie with Bidi Badu logo head and drawstring
  • Kangaroo pocket for a modern, sporty look
  • Comfortable, soft material with cotton feeling, protection against cold

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