Faye Tech Jumpsuit (3 In 1) - pink/darkblue

Faye Tech Jumpsuit (3 in 1) - pink/darkblue

This one is for the jetsetters! Work at 8, lunch at 1, practice at 5 and Miami tomorrow. Your life is fast-moving and you need an outfit for every occasion. #firstclassjumpsuit

Product details:

  • Waisted, relaxed-fit for a great feminine silhouette
  • Includes bra and shorty
  • Slit in back to showcase edga bra
  • Integrated feminine vented mesh 
  • Short design for modern look
  • Neck fastener/clasp for easy dress and undress
  • Bidi Badu logo head in the midsection 
  • Small Bidi Badu logo on the back

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