Konata Lifestyle Jacket - darkgrey (FA19)

Konata Lifestyle Jacket - darkgrey

Whether you wear the jacket when it´s relaxing time, want to hide your beer belly with it or you just want to hand your girl a jacket if she freezes again. We understand what you want and can highly recommend this jacket to you.

Product details:

  • Statement Hoody-Jacket in an eye-catching look
  • Striking Bidi Badu zipper that is only visible when opening the jacket
  • Raglan sleeves allow natural freedom of movement.
  • Full-length zipper for easy donning and undoing
  • Kangaroo pocket for a modern, sporty look
  • Hoddie with drawstring
  • Side pockets for storage
  • Unites the Bidi Badu lifestyle and sport feeling
  • Logo in the left chest area
  • Small logo patch  on the back


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